Eastern Property Services use the latest technology to clean your carpets. An icon for full stream cleaning.

Full Stream Clean

We use the latest technology to clean your carpets.

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We use the best pre-spray shampoo and conditioner for your carpets.

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Deodorise and Sanitize

We deodorise and sanitize your carpets to keep them fresh and healthy good for your family.

Additional Carpet Services

We’ll leave you with a clean, fresh carpet that will make your home or office feel fresh and look fantastic. Our hot-water/steam extraction service will remove the dust, dirt, mould and most of the stains that get trampled into your carpet.

Rug and Upholstery Cleaning

At Eastern Property Services we offer carpet cleaning including rug and upholstery maintenance. Our process involves shampoo and conditioner, deodorising, and sanitising with steam cleaning.

Upholstery gets dirty too, which is why we clean swivel chairs, sofas, dining room lounge chairs, couches and other upholstery in homes and offices. Just like your carpet, we treat your upholstery with genuine attention to detail.

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About Us

Meet our team to understand who we are and how we work.

Eastern Property Services have an experienced team of cleaners.

Renters Services

If you are a home or office renter, you will need specific services.

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If you need your garden tidied up, then get it touch with us.

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Check out our gallery of previous work on many of our projects.

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For more information on our carpet cleaning services, call 0800 876 545

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